Large Laptop/desktop rollouts. Migrations services. Server implementations. Wireless solutions. Data cabling. Product supply including all major hardware vendors at competitive prices

Setup by dedicated, experienced IT Professionals, providing our customers with the best of IT. Paul Lowe, our MD started his IT career in 1979 and as such has seen and experienced the technological changes with the IT industry and brings that experience to our customers. Carolyn Lowe, our Head of Administration has worked for the heads of large FT 100 companies and was one of the first certified IT Trainers in Microsoft Office Technologies. Chris Dow, our Senior Engineer has worked for large Defence Companies and one of the Biggest USA owned IT Outsourcing Companies. Together we bring a wealth of experience that has been benefitting our customers year after year.

To provide services on time, within budget and with accuracy and with no impact on our customers business operations.
We are certified in Microsoft systems, networking hardware and also IT Training. We have in depth knowledge of Networking protocols and integration of all aspects of IT systems. Installations of networks include around 5000 Cat6 outlets, covering some 60 different office locations. We work in Hospitals, MOD sites, Offices and even the odd ship or two! We pride ourselves on rapid response to any situation and can react in hours not weeks.



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